Our mission

is to advance our understanding of the parasites responsible for causing  Swimmer's Itch with the goal to provide relief in an ecologically friendly and cost-effective manner.


Freshwater Solutions, LLC was started by Ron Reimink  to facilitate work with lake associations in Northern Michigan to reduce swimmer's itch, while striving to make breakthroughs in research that could revolutionalize the way we treat swimmer's itch.  Ron has over 40 years of experience working on swimmer's itch research and control.


University of Alberta; Dr. Patrick Hannington


Dr. Patrick Hannington and Freshwater Solutions, LLC collaborate closely on all aspects of swimmer's itch research and pioneered the use of qPCR to accurately measure swimmer's itch parasites in the water.

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Biomeme invited Freshwater Solutions to become a Select Partner and are currently working together to field validate a hand-held qPCR unit that promises to revolutionize the way swimmer's itch risk is measured. 

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Biomeme has also recently created a guide to eDNA website with lots of useful information. You will want to learn more here:

Biomeme eDNA website


2017 Public Presentations

June 21: Leelanau Clean Water Workshop

July 26: Lake Leelanau Association Annual Meeting

July 29: Lime Lake Association Annual Meeting

August 7: Leelanau "Summinar" Series, Leland

August 12: Glen Lake Association Annual Meeting

August 16: Traverse City Rotary Club

August 26: Green Lake and Duck Lake Association Annual Meeting

September 18: MI Swimmer's Itch Partnership Fall Conference

October 20: Grand Traverse Bay Watershed, Freshwater Summit Conference


February 23, 2018: Hope College, Biology Seminar Series, Holland